Social Impact Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Social Impact Holiday Gift Guide 2023


Are you tired of giving and receiving generic holiday gifts every year? Do you want to spread more impact and love this holiday season? Look no further! We have curated the top 10 gift ideas that make great presents and support social causes.

And the best part?

These gifts range from FREE to under $100, so there is something for everyone to make a meaningful impact this holiday season. 

1. Donate to a charitable organization

Donating to a charitable organization in the name of your loved ones is thoughtful and makes a big difference. You can choose from various organizations supporting causes such as education, healthcare, environment, etc. This gift requires no wrapping or shipping and has a lasting impact.

2. Purchase from social enterprises. One for One 

Social enterprises are businesses that use their profits to support a social cause. Purchasing products or services from these businesses gives you a unique bespoke gift and supports a meaningful cause. From socks to shoes, to wine and candles, there is no shortage of options when it comes to gifts with a purpose. Great companies we are fans of are Bombas Socks, One Hope Wine, Doctors without Boarders, and the company that skyrocketed this business model Toms Shoes. 

3. Buy fair trade products

Fair trade products are made by workers who receive fair wages and work under safe conditions. By purchasing these products, you can support marginalized communities and ensure that they are treated ethically. From coffee to chocolate to handmade crafts, there are plenty of fair trade options for holiday gifts.

4. Give the gift of education

Education is a gift that keeps on giving. You can sponsor a child's education or donate to an organization supporting education initiatives. This gift not only has a positive impact on the recipient but also contributes to building a better society for all.

5. Support local businesses and artists

This holiday season, consider supporting your local community by purchasing gifts from small businesses and local artists. Not only will you find unique and meaningful gifts, but you will also be contributing to the growth of your community.

6. Plant a tree in someone's name

Give the gift of sustainability by planting a tree in someone's name. This helps combat climate change and creates a lasting impact for generations to come. Many organizations offer this service, and some even provide the recipient with a certificate or personalized note.

7. Volunteer your time

If you want to spread love and impact without spending any money, consider volunteering your time. You can volunteer at a local charity, help out a neighbour in need, or participate in community service projects. This gift of your time will make someone's day and have a meaningful impact on your community.

8. Purchase upcycled or recycled products

Upcycled and recycled products not only reduce waste but also support sustainable practices. From fashion accessories to home decor, there are many gift options made from repurposed materials that are both environmentally friendly and socially conscious.

9. Give the gift of experience

Instead of physical presents, consider giving the gift of experience. This could be tickets to a concert or event, a cooking class, or a day trip to a nearby attraction.

10. Spread awareness and inspire others

Sometimes, the most impactful gifts are those that spread awareness and inspire others to make a difference. You can give books, biographies, or other media highlighting important social issues and encouraging people to act.


Spread the love and impact this holiday season by choosing meaningful and purposeful gifts. With these top 10 ideas, you can create a social impact while also bringing joy to your loved ones.

Happy gifting!

Shannon and Janey