One Candle Gives...

Give two gifts in one.

5 years of access

to clean drinking water

The relationships you have matter.

There is an art to gift giving.  At Pillars of Light ™️ we believe giving gifts is a love language that everyone understands.  We know how important it is as a company to give gifts that matter to the people that matter to you.


You'll get all the credit by WOWING your team and customers for giving two gifts in 1 while we take care of the details so you can focus on what matters - your people and your purpose.

We make gift giving easy and memorable.

Ordering in bulk is easy.

Our luxury candles come in beautifully designed boxes, so you can order in bulk at any time of the year. Pillars of Light candles are the perfect stand alone luxury gift, or you can add them to gift baskets or order one of our Gift Sets. Candles are shipped to your office. MOQ 10.

Individual Shipping

We can ship candles directly to your Client, Employee, or Business associate on your behalf. Customize your list for recurring gifts (birthdays, recognitions, anniversaries, and more)! Contact for MOQ.

White Glove Service

To add another level of luxury, our team will create a beautiful unboxing experience with a branded note! The white glove service can apply to bulk orders and individual shipments. Contact for MOQ.

Intentional Gifting.

Let us take care of the details for you.
Conscious Luxury in One-of-a-kind vessles.

Pillars of Light ™️ offers a conscious luxury experience. From the carefully crafted scents, one-of-a kind ceramic vessels, and luxury packaging, your clients will be surely delighted.

In our 1:1 offer, you can give two gifts at once. One candle gives 5 years of access to clean drinking water with our parternship with GivePower. We are on a mission to impact over 1 Million Lives and Together we can be Pillars of Light.

Don't take our word for it


A gift for a client... the packaging, quality of the candle and accessories would encourage me to buy again. Knowing that along with my purchase, my gift was also a contribution, I’ll definitely be buying again.

Noelle Kirk, Sales Representative, BJ Roth Century 21

Barrie, ON


At MVMD, we pride ourselves for being a team of changemakers who strive every day to create a better world as we advance our mission of “More Life".  

When I first learned about Pillars of Light and the important work they were doing, I saw an immediate opportunity to align with a like-minded company by choosing them as our Corporate Gifting Partner for our annual team appreciation gifts. 

Everyone loved the beautiful luxury candle gift set AND we got the real benefit of the visual reminder every day that that this unique gift also extends clean water to those in need for 5 years!  

Reinforcing our important work by simply choosing partners who are aligned with our corporate values and shared desire to make a difference to those that most need us, is a true win-win!

Dennis Hancock President & CEO, Mountain Valley MD

I love giving gifts that offer an experience. This year, I partnered with Pillars of Light to give my team their holiday gift. They were blown away by receiving a gift so stunning and they loved how the candle impacts someone else's life.

Jackie B.

Regional Manager Canada, KAO


A terrific gift giving item.
It’s a terrific gift to present to someone because it gives more than the recipient. It provides drinking water and that is more important than anything else.A person can feel proud to purchase it as such because it is a wonderful candle and much more.

David Star
Our Story

Pillars of Light™️ was born in 2021; during a time when many felt the pain of isolation and the darkness of fear. 

We wanted to bring more love and light to the world, as we could see the impact that the pandemic was having on everyone.  With mental health issues on the rise we wanted to give people hope and an opportunity to be a part of something brighter once again.

We knew we couldn’t solve all of the world's problems but we could start to make a difference by sharing more love and light around the world, one candle at a time.

We have created a One for One opportunity where every candle purchased gives 5 years of access to clean drinking water to someone in need through our partnership with GivePower.


Collection Gift Sets


Single Scent Gift Set




Give the gift that shines bright. Access to clean drinking water for 5 years.