Luxurious Candles for your wellbeing.

Sophisticated scents & one of a kind vessels

Together we can make an impact.

1 Candle = 5 years of access to clean drinking water

"Shine Bright"

Lighting a way to a brighter future

Purpose Driven Gifts

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Together We Can Shine Bright

Pillars of Light™️ is a purpose-driven gifting company.

Designed to remind us all of our light and true gift we are to the world and others.

We create clean luxurious candles that support your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

We invite you to be a Pillar of Light™️ to brighten the world.

A gift for you. 100% Soy Wax Candles infused with Essential Oils


Madagascar Vanilla bean, Italian Jasmine and Sandalwood in Luxurious Black Soy Wax.

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Eucalyptus, French Lavender, Spanish Rosemary in Luxurious White Soy Wax.

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Cardomom, Bulgarian Rose and Amber in Luxurious Black Soy Wax.

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Named for the number of days we give water.
Citrus, Patchouli and French Basil in Luxurious Soy Wax.

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A true symbol of life-changing hope. Our luxury ceramic vessels are a true statement of timeless home décor, as you will find many uses for these beautiful marble vessels.

Hand-poured in Montreal, each candle is made with eco-friendly, Non-GMO North American 100% soy wax, cotton wicks, and is hand-poured with perfection.

Our scents are complex and highly sophisticated with your well-being in mind. Each of our scents is carefully blended with premium essential oils and natural aromas, to leave you with the feeling of calm, peace and joy.

Your give has a lasting purpose, with each candle purchased we are giving access to 5 years of clean drinking water to someone in need around the world.

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“1 in 3 people globally do not have access to safe drinking water.”

- Unicef

“By 2025, half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas.”

- World Health Organization

“Love is to fear as light is to darkness. In the presence of one, the other disappears.”

- Marianne Williamson
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Together We Are Pillars of Light


Giving Love Through Light

We are shaking up the candle industry with a one-for-one approach by creating a movement that will contribute more love and light across the globe; one candle at a time.

Our partnership with GivePower allows us to give 5 years of access to clean drinking water through solar power water farms to those in water-scarce regions around the world — because everyone deserves clean drinking water.



Non-Profit Organization

GivePower is changing lives everyday using solar power to provide clean water through clean energy. Impacting over 550,000 people across 23 countries, their sustainable practices are making it possible for communities to experience clean drinking water for the first time ever. Their passion to improve the lives of many, fuels our drive to give back.

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Our Commitment

One candle = access to 5 years of clean drinking water, in partnership with GivePower.

We use 100% North American Eco-Friendly Soy wax and lead free wicks. Our complex scents are created by a family owned Fragrance House in Montreal, Canada who has made it their mission to source the highest quality ingredients with fragrances that combine delicate aromatic blends and essential oils.

We value direct to ground funding, each dollar goes straight to where it is needed.

Love Note Reviews


Founders Collection

LOVE the message and the candles are very pretty for room decor too. They burn so beautifully.

Sarah H

Love Candle

The Love Candle smelled like “home”. It is fresh, clean and natural. The scent makes me want to cozy up with a blanket and a warm drink. I love it.

Michelle S

Love Candle

This candle brings me feelings of comfort, joy and warmth. I love how it makes the house smell and the scent carries throughout. I certainly feel “Love” while this is burning in our home and could burn it all day long.

Stacey M

Light Candle

I love this scent. It's my favorite scent and makes me feel calm, relaxed and ready to unwind.

Lou O

Light Candle

Ahhh, I feel like I’m at the spa.  I love this scent and I could burn it all day while I’m working at home, and feel so supported and uplifted.

Jen M.

Vessel Love

This vessel is earthy and inviting. I love the swirls of colour and I feel aligned with the mission of helping others around the world.

Carol E.

The Founders Collection
These candles have become more than a physical object symbolizing water for an in need community. Love and Light have become my personal mantra in a time of uncertainty. I know I can choose to be LOVE and LIGHT from the moment I wake up till I close my eyes. What a beautiful gift for oneself and for a global effort.

Anna E.


Reminds me of being on vacation with the sand between my toes and blissful and relaxed.

Cara E.

Keeps the mood going. Beautiful and multi layered. Scent is complex and way above my expectations.

Bryar L.