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Long- time friends Shannon Fisher and Janey Snelgrove started a candle company in the midst of the pandemic with the sole purpose to bring more love and light to the world. Every candle purchased gives five years of access to clean drinking water to someone in need through their partnership with GivePower, a not-for-profit that provides clean drinking water through solar energy solutions to those who need it most around the world. Susan Hay has the story.

Peterborough Woman’s New Business Venture Providing “Pillars Of Light” To Those In Need Around The World

KAWARTHA LAKES-At the height of the pandemic when some people were “feeling the pain of isolation and the darkness of fear”, friends Shannon Fisher and Janey Snelgrove were looking for a way to make a significant impact. “We wanted to bring more love and light to the world, as we could see the impact that the pandemic was having on everyone. With mental health issues on the rise, we wanted to give people hope and an opportunity to be a part of something brighter once again.” Shannon Fisher, a Peterborough resident, told Kawartha 411 News. Her partner Janey Snelgrove lives in Barrie.

Cost of Goods Podcast with Jennifer Myers Chua

Janey Snelgrove and Shannon Fisher from Pillars of Light came together in the darkest part of the pandemic, with the goal to spread love and light throughout the world. In this episode, we learn how the two explored the one-for-one model and other ways to give back, before settling on a partnership with GivePower. We discover why they chose luxury candles and why they went from pouring their own to partnering with a manufacturer in Montreal. We bring to light the unique challenges of launching a product in COVID times, and learn what it means to be purpose- first. Hear what they learned about candle safety and funding for female-founded companies, and why after committing to bringing clean drinking water to 1 Million People, they feel so hopeful for the future...

A Brighter Place

Pillars of Light founders Shannon A. Fisher and Janey Snelgrove share how they’re making a difference, one candle at a time. "We decided to jump into a new industry for us, with the goal of building a company that is rooted in people and purpose." More love, more light.