Our Story

Together We Are Pillars of Light

Our mission is to create more love and light in the world, one candle at a time.
“Giving Love through light”.

Our Story

Pillars of Light ™ was born in 2021; during a time when people felt the pain of isolation and the darkness of fear. 

We wanted to bring more love and light to the world, as we could see the impact that the pandemic was having on everyone.  With mental health issues on the rise, we wanted to give people hope and an opportunity to be a part of something brighter once again.

We knew we couldn’t solve all of the world's problems but we could start to make a difference by sharing more love and light around the world, one candle at a time.

We wanted to create a company that was rooted in purpose and people; a company that offered genuine solutions to people in need. We wanted to create a luxury product, something simple, yet sophisticated that would act as a reminder of the power of light.

When we first started talking about a one-for-one model with candles our eyes were opened to 2 TRUTHS:

#1 More than 3.5 billion people around the world live without access to reliable electricity

#2 Every 90 seconds a child dies of waterborne illness and disease. 

After this discovery, the means to accomplish our mission was solidified when we partnered with GivePower Foundation, a non-profit that provides clean drinking water through solar energy solutions to those most in need around the world.


“Love is to fear as light is to darkness. In the presence of one, the other disappears.”

- Marianne Williamson

Our Commitment

We are committed to only using premium, natural ingredients that support the wellbeing of our customers. We use only 100% North American Eco-Friendly Soy wax, lead free wicks, and our candles are vegan and phthalate free.

Our complex scents are created by a family owned Fragrance House in Canada whose mission is to source the highest quality ingredients with fragrances that combine delicate aromatic blends and essential oils.

Our partnerships are with organizations who are able to offer direct to ground funding.
Every dollar goes straight to where it is needed.

Our Founders

Shannon and Janey are just two Canadian girls who wear a few hats like you (Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Daughter, Sister, and Friend). They are dreamers, doers and givers.  

They invite you to come along the journey and become a Pillar of Light with them.

P.S. Stick around for the ride and you’ll see they love to have fun and make friends wherever they go!