Give a Gift Of Meaning this Holiday Season!

Gifts of Meaning, two gift for one.

Let’s be honest, finding the perfect gift can be hard.  

Whether you are struggling to find something for the “person who has it all”  or you are having a hard time finding something “special and meaningful” for your best friend or your favourite client, it can be a bit stressful.  

At Pillars of Light we have your back. 

This holiday, when you give one of our luxury candles as a gift, you are giving a gift of meaning.  

In fact, your purchase gives two gifts at once!!  

You are giving the gift of clean drinking water to someone in need.  It’s a priceless gift when you understand the scope of the need, given that today every 90 seconds a child dies from water-borne disease.

This is made possible through our partnership with GivePower Foundation, who have captured the power of solar energy to clean salt water and brackish water in water scarce areas around the world.  

You are also giving a beautiful candle scented with premium essential oils, using 100% soy wax in a unique marble design ceramic vessel.  A beautiful addition to any home.  

Every time that the candle is lit you can know that you have radically changed someone’s life - by giving a gift of meaning this holiday.

Head over to our store to pre-order your candles (our beautiful candles will be hand-poured this month and your giftee will receive them in January).  Your gift of giving clean water begins right away.   Isn't this amazing!!

Together we can be Pillars of Light in this world.

In love and light, 

Janey and Shanon