2022 Social Impact Report

2022 Social Impact Report


(October 2021- September 2022)

At Pillars of Light™,  our mission is to brighten and inspire the world through purpose-driven candles.  

This mission statement has been our driving force as we navigated our first year in business, and so it is with great excitement that we share with you what we have accomplished with your help and through our charity partnership with GivePower Foundation this year.

We are honoured to partner with GivePower Foundation as they fulfill their commitment to bring more life-saving technology to the world through solar energy.  These solutions create a lasting impact, from providing schools and villages with electricity to building state-of-the-art solar water farms.  

One of the reasons we partnered with GivePower is the direct-to-ground funding that occurs with every donation.  Another company covers all administrative costs, so every penny that GivePower receives goes directly to the projects they are working on.

The monies donated by Pillars of Light ™ go to create and sustain solar water farms that, in turn, give access to clean drinking water to communities in water-scarce regions around the world.  The Solar-Water farms that we are currently supporting are located in Kenya.   

As we wrap up our fiscal year, we are blessed to have given 520 people access to clean drinking water for 5 years.  Imagine that’s the equivalent of a small elementary school or a small rural community in North America.  Incredible!!!


This was only made possible by your purchases.  

Thank you!! Together We ARE Shining Bright!!

Click here to meet the people of Lokoni, Kenya.  
And see the impact we are all making with our partnership with GivePower Foundation. 

As we move forward in our charge for social impact and creating lasting change in the lives of those who need it the most, you will notice that our candles now retail for $58 (that’s a $10 price reduction, yes, not a normal move ) and for every candle sold we are giving 1 year of access to clean drinking water.  You will also start seeing our candles in local boutiques and premium spa locations - perfect for supporting local businesses.  

We have a big vision, and our first goal is to impact 5000 lives.  To reach this first goal, we want to continue to spread the message of our mission and find a way for our candles to be in more homes - as each candle sold impacts the life of another. 

As we lean into our second year, we have already helped 255 people gain access to clean drinking water for 1 year…and we feel like we are just getting started!

Together everyone wins.  

Thank you for helping us brighten the world, one candle at a time!

In immense gratitude, 

Janey and Shannon