Timeless Collection
Timeless Collection
Timeless Collection
Timeless Collection

Timeless Collection

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  • 1 Candle = 5 years of Clean Drinking Water

A collection of both of our Timeless scents; held in our one-of-a-kind luxury ceramic vessels. 

1825 - A sophisticated splash of citrus from Brazil with hints of Coriander and Patchouli.  Classic notes of French Basil and Rose round out the middle, while Musk and Dark Woods beautify the foundation.

Eternal - A perfect balance between boldness and elegance.  Top notes of Cardamon and Basil, followed by light touches of lemon and Bulgarian Rose all come together with the strength of Amber and Sandalwood.


These Simply Sophisticated Luxury White and Black Soy Wax Candles are rooted in premium essential oils and natural aromas that provide you with the feeling of calm, hope and inner peace for the soul.

  • Unique Ceramic Vessel
  • 100% Non-GMO Soy Wax
  • Essential Oils and Natural Aromas
  • Vegan 
  • Phthalate-free
  • Natural Cotton Wicks

With your purchase, you are making it possible for 2 people to have access to clean drinking water for 5 years! Thank you!

100% Soy Wax, Scented with Premium Essential Oils, Handmade in Canada

Housed in a beautiful ceramic vessel with marble design to compliment any decor.

Burn time: 50+ hours
Dimensions:  85mm D x 95mm H   / 3.25” D x 3.75” H
Weight: 280 g / 9.88 oz

A little TLC goes a long way!  

Before you burn your candle:

• Trim wick to ¼” (everytime) to ensure a cleaner burn and prevent smoking.
• Place the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface.  
• Never leave a candle unattended while burning.
• Ensure the wax is free of any debris.


The first time you burn your candle burn it long enough so the top layer of wax liquifies.  This will result in an even burn every time and prevents your candle from tunnelling.

Burn your candle for no longer than 4 hours at a time. Discard your candle when you have ½” of wax remaining so you don’t cause the vessel to become too warm and possibly break or cause heat damage to the surface below.

Do not touch the vessel while burning and be sure to allow it to cool before moving it.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
MaryAnn Lepine
These make an incredible gift!

I purchased these candles as gifts. They small divine and are quite large. I love the container. So neutral will fit with any decor. My Mom was thrilled with hers!

I've never thought of a candle as beautiful before...

From the mission of gifting access to clean drinking water, to the unique vessels each of the candles come in — these candles are beautiful! As someone who cannot stand the smell of most candles due to too-strong scents, these ones hit the spot! Knowing the scents are natural is so wonderful too, knowing there are no harsh chemicals being spread throughout my families home. I'm so pleased with these candles and always keep them in mind for unique gifts! Love the idea of giving 2 gifts in one!

Sarah & Caleb

The timeless collection scents immediately invite a feeling of calm - with 1825 bringing a welcoming citrus and patchouli aroma and eternal carrying a woodsy, grounded amber rose scent that is perfect for evenings with the family. The pair together is like day and night. It's hard to pick a favourite.


We are shaking up the candle industry with a one-for-one approach by creating a movement that will contribute more love and light across the globe; one candle at a time.

Our partnership with GivePower allows us to give 5 years of clean drinking water through solar power to those in water-scarce regions around the world — because everyone deserves clean drinking water.