The Ritual of Lighting a Candle

The Ritual of Lighting a Candle

When that match first strikes the side of the box, you hear the spark as the match ignites, as you lower it to the wick of the candle you see the flame flicker, and it illuminates the room in a way nothing else can. There’s just something special about it—a sacred moment. 

Many of us have daily rituals that we engage in that we don’t even realize are rituals; small acts, and habits that we do every day. From our morning cup of coffee to our evening walk after dinner, these daily rituals can often bring a sense of peace and calm, making the cultivation of a routine that is enjoyed, such an important part of a balanced life.

The ritual of lighting a candle is something that has been a part of cultures and traditions for many years. A candle burning is often a symbol of a loved one who has passed and to keep the memory of them alive with a light that burns bright. A candle burning can also be the ritual that signifies a spark for new beginnings, creating an environment and space for something new. 

Candles can soothe us, providing comfort and hope, easing the mind into a peaceful state while the scent can ignite a range of emotions from  romance, connection, calm and joy.

Next time you go to grab the matchbox, move slowly, with intention. 

Strike the match and allow it to burn for a moment before lighting your candle. 

Savour the  moment of reflection and delight in the warmth from the glow for just a moment more.