Rooted in People and Purpose - A Company That Cares.

Rooted in People and Purpose - A Company That Cares.

When we started Pillars of Light we wanted to create a company that was rooted in People and Purpose.  We are dreamers, doers and givers with a big vision to create a better world by bringing more LOVE and LIGHT to the world, one candle at a time. 

We have a bold commitment to serving over 1 Million People.

Imagine the impact this could bring to the world. 

Studies have shown when we are connected to something beyond ourselves, it gives us an extra boost of happiness, as we are able to contribute in ways that we may not have had the opportunity to be a part of otherwise.  

Simone Sinek has said when you know “WHY” you are doing something, you are able to ride out the waves and become a legacy company.  This has been our intention from the beginning. 

We are committed to creating a movement of people who can be part of the solution for a brighter life.  

Our candles are the physical objects to remind each and every one of us of the incredible power of light we bring to the world.  And when you hold the candle in your hands you will be reminded that you are also lightening up someone else's life by giving them the essential need of clean drinking water.    You may even consider that you are truly embracing the life of another.   This is LOVE!

It’s why we are doing this!

We want you to have the opportunity to purchase a beautiful luxury candle; while also creating a ripple effect around the world. 

This holiday season,  take a moment to ground yourself and be reminded of the power of the human spirit, the light we all hold and the love we can choose to express and expand across the globe.  

Happy Holidays to you and yours. 

In love and Light, 

Shannon and Janey