Become a Pillar of Light

Become a Pillar of Light

In January 2021, we were chatting on the phone about the issues facing our world with the ongoing pandemic and the other problems impacting society.  We were both feeling the heaviness, the darkness and wondered what we could do. 

What can you do when you don’t feel like you can change much around you?  

You can become a Pillar of Light.  

This was our ah-ha moment.

One year ago.

Interestingly enough one year later many of these feelings still linger for many.

But there is hope, love and light if you are willing to find it and nurture it. 


Love and light are always available to us, but sometimes we lose sight of it and get caught in the darkness. Feelings of fear, frustration, anger, hopelessness, and depression can set in quickly if we are not managing our minds well.   Dark days happen, it’s normal.  However, it is what we do within the darkness that matters most.  

Do you choose to stay in that state or do you shift toward the light?   

When you are willing to walk through the darkness towards the light, that is when the beauty of faith and hope start to appear. Only then can we begin to see the brighter days ahead.

Light is one of the most essential necessities of our lives. 

This is why we are calling on you to be a Pillar of Light in this world. 


We all have light shining within us. 

We all have love in our hearts to share. 

When we recognize this we can bring more LOVE and LIGHT to the world. 

Here are some amazing benefits of Light that when you stop and think about it, many of which we can either do, share or be. 

Light overcomes darkness.

Sometimes we are either in the darkness physically or metaphorically, when we choose to let the light in, we are able to see clearly again. 

Light heals.
Light has the power to heal. From the natural sunlight and its ability to deliver Vitamin D into our cells that allow us to stay well, to infrared light that heals from the inside out.  

Light purifies. 

Ultraviolet light and solar light can clean water!  So in the same way Light can purify someone’s soul. 

Light is warming and transforming. 

When we express LOVE, and EMPATHY to each other we shine more LIGHT to the world for it enlightens us from the inside out.  From a positive compliment to offering an ear to listen without judgement, we bring light to those around us.  

Lighting a candle is a way for us to be mindful to be Pillars of Light™, for each time we strike a match and light that candle it is a beautiful reminder of the power light holds within each of us.  

Together we can be Pillars of Light. 

In love and light, 

Janey and Shannon