4 Ways You'll Benefit From Burning Candles

4 Ways You'll Benefit From Burning Candles

Many of us enjoy the presence of candles in our homes and our workspaces, but there are many benefits of burning a candle that you may not even realize are happening as you strike the match to light the candle and see it illuminate your space. 

The power of light is present in so many forms and is the most influential force on how we perceive and connect with the world around us.

Light shows us the world.

If the sun didn’t shine we wouldn’t see nature’s beauty, if we didn’t have electricity and candles to light our homes in the evening, we wouldn’t lead the lives we do. 

Light triggers and stimulates our brains, it can affect our moods, our memory and our mental health.

So how can lighting a candle benefit us?

Here are 4 ways:


Self-care has been a buzzword for a few years now and often we ignore the fact that our bodies and minds need time to heal and repair from our busy modern-day lives. Scents can be a powerful stimulant and can have dynamic effects on our sleep, our stress levels, and our moods.

As humans we have long been drawn to flames, the light of a flame has a way of calming our nerves, and easing anxious thoughts, while fire has been proven to reduce blood pressure, it’s a powerful element.

Our Love Candle is warm and complex, invigorating and subtle yet so powerful. The essence of Madagascar vanilla, Sunflower petals,  Italian jasmine and Mysore sandalwood envelops you in a beautiful way, like an embrace from a loved one.

Our Light Candle will instantly put you at ease.  It was intentionally crafted with a blend of desired Eucalyptus leaf, Patchouli, Spanish Rosemary oil, soothing French Lavender,  uplifting Peppermint Oil from the Yakima Valley and hint of oregano & marjoram to feel uplifted and enlightened throughout your day.  

Strike a match. Light a candle. Take a breath and allow your body to ease into a state of relaxation.


Do you have trouble focusing or staying on task? Is your mind often pulled in multiple directions throughout the day leaving you feeling overwhelmed and irritable?

Light plays an imperative role in one’s concentration and productivity, so it is no wonder that lighting a candle and the calming ritual of it can help our minds settle.

Soothing, natural scents help our bodies to relax and our minds to focus, so next time you’re having troubles focusing your attention or are struggling to complete tasks, light a candle and allow the light and scent to energize you.


We light candles in moments of celebration; at holiday dinner tables, on birthdays, at special ceremonies, or religious holidays. 

Candles are a fantastic way to mark a special occasion and are a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Candles and the ritual of lighting a candle can help in celebrating a special moment or in remembering a loved one as they bring more light and more love into the world as they burn.


We’ve all walked into a room where a candle is burning and the aroma fills the room in the most beautiful way; whether it’s a friend’s home, your bedroom or a spa—the ambiance is remarkable.

The scent and warmth from a candle is welcoming and instantly soothing.

The scent you choose will have an effect on how your body reacts to it. For instance, our Love candle would be a beautiful addition to your living room, the place where love exists as your family ebbs and flows through their days, whereas our Light candle would be perfect in your workspace or kitchen, inviting fresh energy and calmness into the room.